Expert Witness Reporting

Secure a professional testimony to support your building claim

As an Expert Witness for Sydney building disputes, Geoff critically analyses and assesses building flaws, faults and failures, and delivers expert testimonies in the form of Expert Witness Reports. The Expert Witness Report is then used as evidence, not only for full-blown litigation purposes, but for mediation – in an attempt to resolve the issue out of court (avoiding the expense and anguish of litigation, where possible).

A highly specialised area, Expert Witness Reporting for the construction industry requires an in-depth knowledge of the legal framework relating to building construction, as well as an intricate, hands-on knowledge of building itself.

Geoff is a fully accredited and highly experienced Expert Witness. Geoff regularly assists top Sydney legal firms with the provision of Expert Witness Reports and court-based evidence, particularly relating to Home Owner’s Warranty disputes.

In the unfortunate event of a building dispute, Geoff can assist clients (representing owners or the builder) with:

  • Thorough un-biased examination of arguments and evidence from all sides of the dispute;
  • Detailed analysis of all information pertaining to the case and property history;
  • Complete inspection of the property in question, including various testing techniques for verification of defects;
  • Mediation services – endeavouring to resolve building disputes to avoid litigation;
  • Lodgement of claims with tribunals, courts and insurers in the event that mediation is unsuccessful;
  • And more.

Got a building dispute or claim? Speak to Geoff on (02) 8851 7960 or submit the form above now, for an obligation-free quote.